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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  December 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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next gop debate. that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." we begin with a fox news alert and new details emerging about the gunmen in san bernardino massacre with the father of syed farook telling an italian newspaper that his son was obsessed with isis. this as president obama will deliver a rare oval office address. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello. the latest comes as the fbi
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launches a new raid. the home next door to where the family of syed farook used to live. we have team fox coverage covering all of this. kevin corke is live at the white house. >> first we'll go to will carr live in redlands, california. will, what do we know about syed farook's father? >> reporter: hey there. we know the father came out and says his son supported isis and creation of the islamic state. his father also said that farook was obsessed with israel. the father apparently telling his son to stay calm because in his mind israel wouldn't even exist in the next two years. now, this is the second link we've seen between these killers and isis. earlier in the week we learned that tashfeen malik had come out and pledged her allegiance to isis and its leader on the day of the shooting and over the weekend isis came out and said that two of its supporters were indeed responsible for the
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massacre that we saw here in san bernardino on wednesday. >> so before with you go, what do you know about a raid in riverside yesterday? >> reporter: well, we know that it was part of a federal search warrant that was executed on a home in riverside. the fbi tells us that what they had to do was have a tactical entry into that house because of other concerns they've had with this case. you may remember the home here in redlands they had serious concerns that it was booby trapped. the homeowner there in riverside is enrique marquez. former neighbor and friend of farook's and now federal authorities believe he may have purchased these two 23 semiautomatic rifles use in the attacks on wednesday. it's unclear if he knew of the plot and he's not facing charges at this point but neighbors in riverside say that marquez and farook knew each other well. >> i saw them walk over to each other's yards. they worked on cardss a lot.
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they shared that interest where they work on cars a lot. >> reporter: that comes on the heels of the raid here at farook's home. you can see over my shoulder the fbi had to go in through the windows and blowing the door off the front here because they were concerned about those booby traps. once they made it inside and into the garage behind the apartment, they say that farook's had a cache of guns and ammunition. thousands of rounds and pipe bombs. so many they were calling this an ied factory. >> unbelievable. okay. will carr, thank you very much for your reporting there. >> as we have been reporting, president obama will address the nation tonight from the oval office at 8:00 p.m. the president is expected to tell us how he plans to keep americans safe from terrorism and also detail more actions to try to destroy isis in the wake of the deadly attack in california. kevin corke is live at the white house now with the latest. kevin, what is he exactly
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expected for focus on? >> a couple things. we expect the president to hit on major themes. i can share a couple. number one, what's being done to keep us all safer and more secure as you pointed out here in the homeland in the wake of the deaf at a tivastating attac bernardino and what's happening overseas to battle isis away from the u.s. the attacks in paris fresh on the minds of so many in the states and all over the globe and as you can well imagine a number of lawmakers that have strong opinions about what they would like to hear the president say in his comments tonight shortly after 8:00 p.m. eastern time. among them, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. let me share part of a statement that the senator shared with us today. the president has the opportunity tonight to tell the american people how he's willing to adapt. there's the word. adapt to the threat. and how he can better prepare our nation for a fight that will inevitably be passed onto his successor. mcconnell's comments reflect a mood in the states that fear is
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building. anxiety is real. and the president will try to tamp down on that in his comments tonight. >> we want to be protected. we want to know what the federal government and what his administration is doing to try to stop this. in light of that, kevin, how will the speech be different from previous comments and in fact with comments after other mass shootings we've had? >> reporter: specifics, my friend. they want to try to unveil some specific concrete ideas that will give us all sort of marching orders. i was also told today, listen, this is going to be a big picture speech as well. what can you as an american do not just to battle this idea of terrorism coming here to the homeland and how to fight against the fear that is obviously gripping so many and more practically how not to give into the hate that so many across the world are trying to get the american people to buy into. and i can also share with you a very quick sound bite with another lawmaker. mike mccaul, homeland security committee, is strong about what he hopes the president will say in his comments tonight. >> i think the tentacles of isis
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are not only in europe but also in the united states of america. i want to tell the truth to the american people about what the threat nature really is. and what the threat itself is and that's radical islamist terrorism. it does exist in the united states. >> reporter: it does exist. three-pronged approach. keep in mind, economic, military and diplomatic. we expect the president will probably hit on those themes. those are the tools they'll try to use to defeat this all over the globe right now and it comes up tonight at 8:00. we'll have our coverage for you right here. >> we'll do that. kevin, thank you so much for the details and of course as kevin just said, the president's speech will be here on the fox news channel beginning at 8:00 p.m. bret baier will anchor our coverage. that begins 10 minutes early before the president's speech to give a preview. you can tune in tonight 7:50 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. and turning now to the
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campaign trail. several 2016 contenders offering up their thoughts on the fight against terror ahead of president obama's address vowing to be tough on those trying to harm us in the wake of last week's deadly shooting rampage in california. kristen fisher is here with details live in washington. kristen? >> reporter: when it comes to tough talk, no candidate talks tougher than donald trump and today the republican front runner said he's okay with muslims in the u.s. being profiled in the wake of the san bernardino attack. >> i think there can be profiling. if they thought there was something wrong with that group and saw what was happening and they didn't want to call the police because they didn't want to be profilie inprofiling, it'. a lot of people are dead right now. everybody wants to be politically correct and that's part of the problem we have with our country. >> reporter: many of his republican rivals are calling him out. christie says profiling muslims is not necessary and he offered
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this alternative. >> increase surveillance, creating relationships with mosques through the musl muslim-american community throughout the country. you need a president who has had the experience and know-how to do this and not someone that will talk off the top of their head. >> reporter: hillary clinton took a dig at donald trump while speaking today in washington. without mentioning him by name, she called that kind of rhetoric reckless and said that islam itself is not her adversary. >> declaring war on islam or demonizing the muslim-american community is not only counter to our values, it plays right into the hands of terrorists. [ applause ] >> reporter: earlier today on abc's this week, clinton said we're definitely in conflict with isis but would not say we're at war with isis. nor would she say we're at war with radical islam. that sounds like we're declaring
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war against a religion which in her mind is wrong. her republican rivals disagree with part of that. they say you can't beat an adversary until you call it by its real name. >> kristen fisher, thanks a lot. >> and terrorism is taking no break on this weekend overseas. police in london investigating this. the knife attack at an underground tube station that left three people wounded as a terrorist incident. the suspect allegedly yelling this is for syria as he stabbed and slashed. this comes as isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly car bombing in yemen. hi, connor. >> reporter: islamic militants striking around the world this weekend. police in the united kingdom investigating a possible terror attack after a man yielding a knife injured three people, one very seriously in the london underground tube. british police are treating this
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as a possible terror incident because several witnesses heard the attacker scream this is for the syrian people. there was no mention of isis or any other militant group. the man is in custody now after being tasered and brought down by british police. of course the u.k. parliament just voted a few days ago to expand air strikes against isis from just iraq and into now syria. although it's not clear if this is what brought about this attack. now in yemen, isis is ramping up its activities there. militant group claiming credit for a blast that killed the governor of the port city of aiden. several were killed when a bomb exploded near their vehicle. isis has long been operating in yemen. a company racked by civil war but other groups like al qaeda have been the prominent actors in yemen for the past few years and so this is a pretty big attack, a significant attack by isis there. isis, of course, promising more
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attacks not only in yemen but really around the world in the future. >> sadly, we've had these type of terrorists attacks here and as of now it seems that they are continuing. thank you. that's why the president, president obama, getting ready for a rare oval office address tonight aimed at reassuring the nation after the san bernardino shootings. what lawmakers on capitol hill hope to hear from our commander in chief. and speaking of terrorism, there's a major rally at ground zero today. why protesters are urging congress to take the side of those heroes who gave their all after those towers came down. >> they came from every state in the country. they did their duty. they looked for survivors and then they looked for remains. it's not about how we're going to pay for it. it's about getting it done now and all we need is strong leadership that says this is getting done and it's getting done now. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles.
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good news on the health front for a former u.s. president fighting brain cancer. a brain scan for jimmy carter this week reportedly showing no signs of the disease. a member of mr. carter's church in his hometown of plains, georgia, says the former president shared the news with the congregation today. the 91 year old announcing in august he had melanoma that spread to his brain. mr. carter immediately started radiation therapy to treat it. that's just terrific. fox news alert for you. a rally is under way for some of the heroes of 9/11. the first responders who rushed down to ground zero amid the burning rubble of the world trade center trying to help anyway they could. many became sick from the fumes and died. but now that are health benefits are dependent upon an expiring federal law. supporters are making a big push for its renewal before congress
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heads home for the holidays. bryan is live with more on the rally and their effort. hi, b hi, bryan. >> reporter: we just heard from bill de blasio and others saying it's immoral, a scandal, unethical that congress has allowed medical benefits for 9/11 responders and survivors to expire on october 1st. more than 33,000 americans from all 50 states who rushed to ground zero in the days and months following 9/11 who breathed in those toxic fumes dealing through rubble and recovery efforts after the government said it was safe have since become six or are dying from 50 different types of cancers and other chronic illnesses. more than 1,700 have died. the act passed in 2010 temporarily provided five years
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of treatment to those exposed to ground zero. congress let that bill expire. it was supposed to be renew and included in last week's transportation bill but it was not. today new york democrats and first responders blame senate majority leader mitch mcconnell urging congress to pass a bill providing permanent medical help before congress goes out on their holiday recess urging them to put politics aside. >> they want to trade this for that or this for that. i want to tell you something. we don't trade the lives of our first responders for anything. i want to send that message loud and clear to those leaders around the negotiating table. how dare you try to trade the lives of our brave first responders for your little political gain. it ain't happening. >> it's really up to two people at this point. paul ryan, the speaker of the
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house, and mitch mcconnell, the majority leader of the senate. if this bill passes, they can legitimately call themselves american leaders. if this bill doesn't pass, we can all legitimately call them american deserters. >> reporter: the feeling here is one of outrage that this is being used as a political football as you just heard. the hope is that the act will be renewed permanently so we don't have to go through this again sometime in the next couple of days before december 11th in which they hope to add this bill onto the spending bill. very divisive spending bill which if it's not done by december 11th will lead to a u.s. government shutdown. >> we'll see what happens in the next few days and of course if you were there and smelled that bitter metallic smell, you will never forget that. bryan, thank you. capitol hill will be listening closely when the president addresses the nation tonight about isis and the fight against terror. what lawmakers want to hear from
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the commander in chief. >> i think the american people deserve to know what the truth really is. we also want to hear from him a military strategy to finally defeat and destroy isis, drain the swamp so the swamp from syria can't come into the united states. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. when president obama delivers this evening's address on terrorism and isis, many of our nation's lawmakers will be listening closely. congressman michael mccaul telling "fox news sunday" he's hoping the president is direct about the situation. the house homeland security chairman saying that it's almost impossible to stop all terror threats here in the u.s. >> you just can't stop it all
12:23 pm
when you have 200,000 isis tweets per day on the internet coming into the united states to kill. there are no flags, warning signs in this particular case. but the volume is so high and chatter is so high that it's almost impossible to stop it all. i think that's what we're ramping up our efforts but you can't be right every time. >> joining us now is republican congressman dan donovan of new york, a member of the homeland security committee. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> when you hear your fellow congressman mccaul saying that it's almost impossible to stop all terror threats, talk to me about how does the president address that? what do you want to hear from the president and what does the nation need to hear? >> i want the president to be honest with the american people. he's called isis a jv team. he was wrong. he said isis was contained the morning before the paris attacks. he was wrong. he has to tell the american people this is a threat against our nation and he has to come up
12:24 pm
with a strategy to protect the citizens of our country. he has no strategy now. we have passed an act and included in that was a requirement that the president come up with a strategy for fighting terrorists. this is an unconventional war. these are not people who have jets or who have territory that's well defined. traditionally that's where we're used to fighting our enemies and first time we had people infi infiltrating people in our own country. over the internet they -- radicalized and taught how to attack americans in the homeland. >> how detailed does the president need to get in order to ease the tensions and nervousness and make americans feel safer and yet at the same time not publicly outline whatever his specific strategy is that he's going to share with us because isis is watching and isis is listening as well. >> you're right. what the president has to say is
12:25 pm
to protect our homeland he should listen to his fbi director and secretary of homeland security and tell them and answer their question what they need to protect our country. and as far as fighting isis over in syria, we have military leaders who have strategies. they are trained. they're experienced. the president ought to listen to his own leaders and people that graduated from west point, annapolis, and have trained for years and years. we have generals and admirals who should listen to their advisers and attack and dismantle this terrorist group over in syria before more and more harm comes to our country. >> you're saying that the president should listen to his commanders in terms of military strategy even if that means putting more of our military troops over in the middle east perhaps on the border to create safe zones? >> i think i went to law school and not to west point. i don't know what our military strategists would tell us. >> specifically boots on the ground.
12:26 pm
>> i would leave it up to the adviser. i would leave it up to our generals and admirals to tell us what we should do to ensure that our country is safe and dismantle this group in syria. >> how much do you think the president's address tonight will be scrutinized based on policy and based on politics? >> well, you know, unfortunately this is beyond politics. this is the security of our nation. we've had tragedies in chattanooga and ft. hood and san bernardino last week. our friends and allies in france have experienced this. this is beyond politics. this is about our national security and a strategy. the president is late to the game for this. but for future going forward, there are still 13 months of his administration and he has a responsibility for safety of our country. >> sure. if you say that we all agree that it's not about politics. it's about us. it's about you. me. all of us as americans. with that in mind because politics has been at play
12:27 pm
unfortunately. do you think that whatever the policy that the president lays out with the advice of his commanders as you suggested that he needs to listen to them, do you believe that people in congress, everybody sitting on either side of the aisle can rally around whatever the strategy is and if you don't agree specifically with the president laying it out, can you go ahead and get together and talk about it together and make creative -- submit creative suggestions so that it can work. it's not about politics as you say, sir. >> absolutely not. everyone has a role in the safety of our country. it's government's number one priority and number one responsibility is to protect its citizens. and i think what happens is the president has lost the faith of the people in the united states and laying out his strategy will not be enough for him. he has to prove and show results before the american public will believe what he's going to lay out tonight will work. >> i'm not disagreeing with you that needs to happen for sure. i want to know if you in congress will get together and
12:28 pm
support whatever is decided upon at this particular point? >> i think we'll scrutinize what the president lays out tonight. >> you understand what i'm saying, congressman? right now i'm not speaking as a journalist but as an american citizen. we're tired of all of the politics at play. if there's plan on the table and you cry for the president to put out a plan, are you guys going to get together and make sure that plan is implemented and support changes that need to be made along the way. >> if he convinces congress that it's the right one and he's listened to his military leaders about protecting the homeland, i think congress will get behind him. >> thank you, representative donovan. >> it's a 700-year-old tradition and they have said the upcoming jubilee is one of the greatest part. coming up, how rome and the vatican are preparing for the big event. t! mom has a headache!
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